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full stadium

What's In A Name?

Memories and local pride bubble over in Bern, Switzerland, after CSL Behring turns so…

12 Dec 2019 Bern Location
signed contract strategic partnership BSC Young Boys

BSC Young Boys wins CSL Behring as stadium partner

The long-standing wish of the fans of Bern soccer club "Young Boys" finally comes tru…

03 Dec 2019 Bern Location

Children in Bern are entering the Stadium

They have a chance to play soccer at pro venue.

22 Nov 2019 Bern Location
The Berne Energy City Bus visits the Wankdorf site in Berne.

Energy City Master Bus visits CSL Behring

Not least thanks to the sustainable and environmentally friendly disposal of our wast…

Young Talents from Bern and Lengnau

To pursue a goal, that is well received

Janine, Abilashan and Daniel joined CSL Behring in very different ways. In an intervi…

31 Oct 2019 People
leadership day

Time travel to 2030

How will we be working in 2030? How will digitalisation, globalisation and resource s…

15 Oct 2019 Bern Location