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Children in Bern are entering the Stadium

They have a chance to play soccer at pro venue.


It wasn’t your typical after-school activity. CSL Behring in Bern, Switzerland recently hosted a soccer event for neighborhood children at Stade de Suisse, a pro soccer stadium and home of the Swiss soccer Champion BSC YOUNG BOYS.

With high energy, children and teens ages 6 to 18 bounded into the stadium, which for a big game seats 32,000. Aided by CSL Behring volunteers, including some staff who play in the company soccer league, the children warmed up with training drills and then had a mini tournament. Parents and friends cheered from the stands. By sundown, it was time for a pizza party.

The event is part of an ongoing effort to stay connected to neighbors who live near CSL Behring’s large facility in Bern. Urs Durtschi, Fractionation Team Leader at the Bern facility, was one of the adult participants and also plays on CSL Behring’s league Team. “We made the kids happy and they had a lot of fun,” Durtschi said. “It was a successful occasion, showing how we commit ourselves to the community.”

« We made the kids happy and they had a lot of fun. »

Urs Durtschi, Team Leader Fractionation