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CSL Services)

CSL Services

CSL Customer Service

CSL Behring AG stands for innovative products and offers comprehensive customer-oriented services: qualified supply of medications, accommodating treatment of returns and e-business services. You will receive individualised information from our customer service.

Customer Services

Our customer service department is here for you.

We are customer-centred – the customer is our main focus. Customer satisfaction is most important to us, so we are always available to meet your needs.

Emergency Service

We're here for you. 24/7.

Outside of the opening times, the emergency service of the company Alloga AG guarantees a reliable delivery of your urgently required medicinal products.

Phone: +41 79 248 58 41

Please note that orders under this number can only be accepted for emergencies. The additional delivery costs will be charged to you.



With e-business we offer our customers digital end-to-end process integration: orders, order confirmation, dispatch notification, and invoices.


Report adverse drug reactions. We are happy to accept your reports for the following areas.*

*Personal inquiries about your health cannot be answered here. Please contact your doctor or pharmacist for this.

Conditions of sale and delivery

Here you will find our general conditions of sale and delivery.