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Our Company

Driven by Our Promise

It began with a promise. More than 100 years ago, CSL was formed to save lives using the latest technologies. In the century since, CSL Behring has grown into a global biotechnology leader, driven by that same promise to save and improve lives. We offer the broadest range of quality plasma-derived and recombinant therapies in our industry. Our ability to innovate and deliver life-saving medicines for patients with unmet medical needs around the world has earned us a reputation for always putting patients first. We are CSL Behring and we are driven by our promise.

About Us

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CSL Behring AG in Bern

Our company specializes in the manufacture of biotherapeutic products. She has over a century of experience in treating different diseases around the world. We are committed to patients suffering from blood clotting disorders, immunological diseases, enzymatic deficits and other rare diseases.
In addition, we produce biotherapeutic drugs to stop bleeding in emergencies or planned surgeries.

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Sustainability at CSL

CSL is committed to a healthier world. Our vision is a sustainable future for our employees, communities, patients and donors, inspired by innovative science and a values-driven culture.

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Focus on Rare & Serious Diseases

We are a biotechnology company, involved for more than a century with research and development related to severe and rare diseases, giving our support to patients with severe diseases.

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Our Values

CSL’s strong commitment to living our Values has guided us for many decades. Our Values have been fundamental to our success -- helping us to save lives, protect the health of people, and earn our reputation as a trusted and reliable global leader. They’re at the core of how our employees interact with each other, make decisions and solve problems. They are:

Patient Grizalez

Patient Focus

Make People and Patients Your Passion

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Reach for the Unreachable

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Walk Your Talk

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Adventure Together

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Superior Performance

Make Yourself Proud

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Global Leadership Group

The Global Leadership Group’s unwavering commitment to patients enables us to deliver on our obligations to all stakeholders.

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