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CSL Behring AG in Bern

CSL Behring Bern

In the heart of Switzerland's capital 

CSL Behring AG in Bern specializes in the manufacture of medications for treating immune deficiency disorders and disorders of the immune function, as well as medications for rhesus prophylaxis and albumin solutions for shock and burn victims.

The production plants of CSL Behring AG are licensed by the Swiss health authorities and the American FDA. Every year, around six million liters of human plasma are used to isolate and manufacture important proteins for treatments in accordance with the strictest safety and quality standards. CSL Behring AG’s products are sold around the world.

An extension project to make a difference in Bern

To meet the high demands for our immunoglobulin products, a new building is erected that will accommodate two additional manufacturing lines for immunoglobulin products. The project with the name Protinus is being realised at the site in Wankdorf. It is a multi-storey building with two manufacturing lines. CSL Behring invests 250 mio. Francs in the building project and creates approximately 50 new jobs in the city of Bern. This production expansion allows 90’000 additional patients to live life to the fullest.

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