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PI Patient Aiden Walsh)

Community Engagement

Commitment to the general good

Establishing a meaningful support system.

We endeavour to save lives and improve the quality of life of patients with severe and rare diseases throughout the world. Quality of life often also includes contact with others who are similarly affected. We therefore support patient organisations in the development of specific programmes and activities for patients with rare diseases; our goal is to promote the awareness and importance of these little-known diseases. In addition, we use our experience with patients and their families to implement our own programmes. We also work untiringly with the authorities, explaining the particular needs of patients with rare diseases and creating understanding so that patients can get the best possible medical care and therapy. 


We offer a whole range of programmes for patients and their families, as well as for patient organisations, to exchange experiences of the disease, to meet others in similar situations, or to bring specific concerns to the notice of the responsible authorities.

Patient organizations

GBS & CIDP Initiative Switzerland
Daniel Geisser, Vice President
Schulhausstrasse 2
7332 Wangs
Tel.: 081 723 71 58
mobile: 079 693 02 75


Swiss HAE Union
Helene Saam, President
Ettenbergstrasse 44
CH-4658 Daeniken
Tel.: 079 895 10 80


Swiss Hemophilia Association S.H.G.
Business office
Jörg Krucker, Manager
Mühlibachstrasse 5, Postfach 515
CH - 9450 Altstaetten
Tel.: 044 977 28 68
Fax: 044 977 28 69


Swiss Society for Hereditary Immunodeficiencies (SVAI)
Sergio Vassalli, President
PO Box 1089,
8048 Zuerich
Tel.: 043 817 17 17
Fax: 043 817 70 17