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To pursue a goal, that is well received

Janine, Abilashan and Daniel joined CSL Behring in very different ways. In an interview, they tell us what they have already been able to achieve - and what goals they still want to pursue.

Young Talents from Bern and Lengnau
From left to right: DANIEL FURMSTON, Manufacturing Technology Expert, Lengnau; ABILASHAN SITHAMPARI, Global Regulatory Affairs CMC Scientist, Bern; JANINE KURATLI, Manager Data Analytics, Bern

ABILASHAN, what did you dream of when you were a student? What was your goal? 
: When I decided to study biochemistry, I wanted to discover mechanisms of action that could help as many people as possible. During my studies, however, I discovered that basic research at the university also requires a lot of frustration tolerance, as there are many setbacks and research is often still very far away from clinical application. Because of this reason, working for a private company became an attractive alternative for me.
Three years ago you decided to take part in a trainee program at CSL Behring. Why?
: I already had the opportunity to get to know CSL during my studies through a so-called lunch talk. I found the people who introduced the company here to be very open and helpful. When one of these "CSL ambassadors" actually recognized and addressed me during my internship at CSL after six months, I was even more encouraged to stay at CSL.

DANIEL, a few years ago you had a "turnaround" in your career. What was the reason for that?
: Until 2015, I worked as Laboratory Technical Officer at the University of Melbourne and was simultaneously involved in a CSL Behring project. I found both the project and the company very interesting. The decisive factor was that CSL offered me career opportunities, which were not possible to realize with my previous employer. This facilitated my decision to start my career at CSL.
What did the support look like after you started working at CSL?  
: Of course, there are corresponding training courses, but the working atmosphere at CSL Behring is very cooperative overall. I can always turn to my colleagues in case of any questions. That helped me a lot at the beginning!

JANINE, what were the most striking milestones in your professional development?
: I'm on CSL's Data Analytics team, a group that was still in the early stages of development when I started. First, there was just my boss and me; today we are already five people who take care of support in data analysis, innovations like machine learning and training. An important step forward was already possible for me after about a year. At that time, I became deputy team leader. Meanwhile, I also assumed Global User Responsibility for one of our statistics tools.
What would you advise young people to do at the beginning of their career? What is key?
: Be courageous! This also includes applying for jobs that do not fit your profile completely at first glance. Remember that it is well received when you consistently pursue your goals. 

This interview was published in the "Most Attractive Employers" magazine from UNIVERSUM. Among 100 companies, CSL Behring is awarded as one of the most attractive employers in Switzerland based on a students and professionals ranking of the UNIVERSUM award. 

Text: Ute Liebig

Photo: Jon Godwin Photography

Universum Award Natural Sciences
Among 100 companies, CSL Behring is awarded as one of the most attractive employers in Switzerland based on a students and professionals ranking of the UNIVERSUM award.