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Protinus project stories


Stories from project members

Pierre Caloz, Site Manager of CSL Behring Protinus

Pierre Caloz, Site Head CSL Behring AG

Pierre Caloz has been with CSL Behring in Bern since March 2016 and since December 2016 he has been leading the site. “This capacity expansion will allow us to enable about 90,000 more people per year to live life to the fullest. And that is the strongest motivator for us in this project.”

Project leader Regula Heini Hodel

Regula Heini Hodel, project manager

In collaboration with the project team and the external partners, Regula Heini Hodel is responsible for the successful implementation of the project. She has been working for CSL Behring in Bern since 2002. “Here in Bern we are located in the middle of a residential area and space is highly restricted. Meticulous planning is essential. The coordination of all building activities while making allowances for our employees and neighbours presents a significant challenge to us.”

Giovanni Salerno

Giovanni Salerno, foreman trainee

In his position as foreman at Marti AG, Giovanni Salerno supervises all construction activities on the construction site on behalf of building contractor Marti AG. “We work under high pressure and space conditions are very difficult. Structured planning of all construction activities is vital as we give safety the highest priority. These challenges and the collaboration with all colleagues involved in the project make my job most fascinating.”

Architect Andreas Lüscher

Andreas Lüscher, architect

ANS Architekten und Planer SIA AG has been collaborating with CSL Behring for more than 30 years. Andreas Lüscher, general manager and member of the board of directors, knows the pharmaceutical company inside and out. “The Wankdorf district has been changing for quite some time now: The Wankdorf Stadium became Stade the Suisse in 2005 and at the moment the old armoury compound is being rebuilt into an administrative centre. Located between the two compounds, CSL Behring tries to establish a bridge-like connection. In the new building, complex manufacturing facilities are being built and highly value-adding jobs will be created.”


Rolf Hess, overall project manager and general planner

Flexible, GMP-compliant and future-proof solutions in the heavily regulated pharmaceutical industry are the specialty of our general planner NNE AG. General planner, Rolf Hess, is responsible for the project Protinus. “Special about this project are the very restricted space conditions and the tight schedule. It is a fast track project that requires very detailed planning: crane movements, unloading of lorries, material movements, technical and temporal coordination of all experts and the construction crew, etc. while maintaining the highest safety standards during implementation.”