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We Live Bern

It has already been two years since we, as stadium partner, officially renamed the home of our neighbor BSC Young Boys "Stadion Wankdorf" again.

Key Handover Wankdorf Stadion Bern
Wanja Greuel, CEO YB, symbolically hands over the key to Livia Artuso, Site Head CSL Behring to the joint YB Home.

We live Bern! Two years ago, as stadium partner, we gave back the famous Bernese stadium "Wankdorf" to our neighbors BSC Young Boys (YB). In doing so, we gave the honorable Bernese football stadium back that name that has never disappeared from the yellow and black hearts of the people in Bern. Yet the pandemic prevented us from being able to celebrate together. Now it was about time that we could finally honor this commitment and partnership in a dignified way, all together:

The warm-up to the 1st home game

As part of the Bernese community, we were honored to offer tickets for the 1st YB home game to our employees and the Bernese population as part of a raffle. This raffle was also promoted during the Bern City Fest 2022.

In the run-up to the season, we published a special "Wankdorf" Podcast with YB. In this edition, prominent guests have their say: YB coach Raphael Wicky, for example, talks about his career and his connection to Wankdorf. And YB CEO Wanja Greuel and CSL Behring site head Livia Artuso explain why the stadium is now called Wankdorf again and how the partnership has been established. In addition, CSL Behring employees talk about their connection to and passion for the Wankdorf stadium and YB.

On the prestigious field

To crown "We Live Bern", Livia Artuso was able to be present on behalf of CSL Behring at the official stadium handover with Wanja Greuel on the YB pitch at the 1st home match of the 2022/23 season, and together with CSL Behring employees witness a magnificent victory against the current FC Zurich champion in the stands! Wanja Greuel handed over the symbolic key from the stadium to CSL Behring for the joint Wankdorf Home.

After this successful start into the season, BSC Young Boys handed over the round leather to CSL Behring, which rolled 4x in the Wankdorf stadium! We would like to thank our partner YB, the players and the entire staff for this special match ball, which CSL Behring was proud to receive. We are looking forward to a great season 2022/2023!

Matchball Handover YB_CSL
Roman Grünig (YB) hands over match ball to Livia Artuso (CSL Behring) after 1st home game
We Live Bern Billboard Campaign
We live Bern - billboards in Bern