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The importance of combining a technical solution with a strong culture

Working in a technical area is about putting the theory into practice, starting real implementation and getting the job done in this current trend of full digitalization and collecting data. Magda Stavaroiu and her team are in the process of developing ground-breaking automation solutions based on latest technologies for the new production facility in Lengnau and, more importantly, making them feasible.


As a Project manager for computerized systems, which are used in the Manufacturing area (eg: Process Control System (PCS) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES)) at CSL Behring Lengnau, Magda Stavaroiu describes herself as a practical person with a hands-on mentality. Even though working with new technologies is often combined with keywords such as digitalisation and data collection, she appreciates the fact to pursue the practical part of her work as well. The exciting Greenfield project in Lengnau allows Magda to combine her enthusiasm for challenges with the eagerness to make a difference.

Magda and her team are challenging their partners and suppliers to not only provide standard solutions but standards that are fitting with the CSL’s landscape and vision. This creates opportunities to have outstanding discussions about technology, innovations and their successful implementation.
Each employee and personality is part of the entire innovative puzzle

Not only does the technical aspect count within such a project. The culture at CSL Behring Lengnau is remarkable by the way how everything is continuously growing and developing from the beginning of the project as well as it is still under reshape by the contribution of each employee. Every contribution is of crucial importance or as Magda says: «The outcome of our work put together as a finished puzzle – consisting of the contributions of all employees – not only delivers a great result for the patients, but also gives great satisfaction at the end of the day.»

Click on the video and learn more about Magda’s world surrounded by the latest technologies.

«I like the courage of CSL to explore! We are eager to learn things and to develop continuously . We dare to do new things and keep the pace with new technologies. »

Magda Stavaroiu
Brand Ambassador Magda Stavaroiu