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Growing, learning and establishing together

Lars Lueersen's enthusiasm for the analysis has accompanied him since his studies and forms a key part of his 12-year career at CSL Behring. From the very beginning, Lars was fascinated by the life-saving therapeutics, which improve the patients' quality of life. Today, he works with his team to explore new technologies in order to drive innovation at CSL Behring Lengnau.


«Here in Lengnau, the cards are being reshuffled,» says Lars Lueersen, Head Chemical Quality Control. Together with his team, they have the unique opportunity to help shape the entire project and the associated tasks. Looking outside the box is the daily motto and everyone has the possiblity to learn a lot and grow beyond themselves. This fosters not only intercultural but also interdisciplinary exchanges. Everyone works at various levels and interacts with experts from all over the world.

The foundation of innovation

In order to create and implement innovative processes, a successful collaboration is essential. This can be mastered within a motivated and efficient team. In addition to setting up an innovative production facility and a groundbreaking laboratory, a culture of cooperation and innovation is being created, lived and established within CSL Behring Lengnau.

«Because we approach this together, we also grow together.»

Watch the video of Lars Lueersen to learn more about the CSL Biotech Innovation Park and its laboratory of the future.

«The CSL Greenfield Project in Lengnau is the moment to explore technologies and to drive innovation. »

Lars Lueersen
Brand Ambassador Lars Lueersen und Team in CSL Behring Lengnau