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A blend of trust, well-being and curiosity

A large portion of trust combined with constant development and a work-life balance are the recipe of success for a long career at CSL Behring. Learn more about Barbara Beugger, Director Recombinant Drug Substance Manufacturing, and watch the video.


Barbara Beugger has been working at CSL Behring for over 17 years and she has achieved a lot during this time. A few years ago, Barbara Beugger switched to production and managed a team of 40 employees. Her resume shows many career steps at CSL. This is also due to the fact that she always remained curious and always had the opportunity to reconcile her job and her family.

A new challenge after 15 years

Barbara Beugger transferred from Bern to Lengnau more than two years ago. CSL Behring Lengnau AG is still under construction and Barbara was responsible for setting up the Fill & Finish department (the department for filling and freeze-drying of products) in Lengnau and is now leading the Bulk production team. Barbara says: «This is a ’once in a life-time’ opportunity that was offered to me. There are many pharmaceutical companies in the world, but there are very few 'greenfield' projects of this size and I am proud to be able to contribute. »

17 years of work experience, many functions, one constant

Over the years, two values have formed a constant throughout her carreer: First, the trust placed in her, and second, the focus on the well-being of the patient. At CSL, patients are first priority and with this commitment, Barbara and her team help people with a serious and rare disease to live a normal life. This is Barbara’s daily incentive.

Watch Barbara Beugger's video and learn more about a career at CSL Behring Lengnau AG.

«We are committed to producing the highest quality for the benefit of our patients. »

Barbara Beugger
Brand Ambassador Barbara Beugger with team member in Lengnau