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With e-business we offer our customers digital end-to-end process integration: orders, order confirmation, dispatch notification, and invoices.

Your Benefits

  • E-docs (electronic documents) are available more quickly than letters sent through the post.
  • The customer can decide which documents he/she would like to obtain in digital form.
  • E-business allows process optimisation and cost reduction.
  • E-business saves paper. That is practical and environmentally friendly.
  • E-business saves time. This frees up capacity for value-creating tasks.
  • Thanks to automated digital processing, there are no media interruptions – but the quality is improved.

Everything Digital

Electronically handled purchasing processes: the basis of an efficient supply chain that fulfils the toughest requirements.

Automated or via e-mail: our order confirmation for immediate checking of your order.

E-shipping notification
Arrives in your system in good time: our shipping information for direct use in your incoming goods process.

Straight to your ERP system: our electronic invoice via Paynet from Six.

Try out our E-Business now

Try out our e-business – we offer you professional support.

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