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CSL Behring at the VWG Bern

Focus on our innovation in the heart of Bern.

Niklaus Krähenbühl, Site Head Legal Bern/General Counsel at CSL Behring, during his presentation at the VWG Bern.
The June event organised by the Volkswirtschaftliche Gesellschaft (VWG) Bern provided a unique platform to showcase the innovative strength of the Canton of Bern. This event, which was open to the public, took place on the premises of sitem-insel AG, the home of the CSL Biologics Research Centre. The event featured exciting presentations on our biotherapy developments from Bern and sitem-insel AG. The VWG Prize for Higher Technical Colleges was also awarded.

CSL Behring takes centre stage
The presentations by CSL Behring, given by Niklaus Krähenbühl, Site Head Legal Bern/General Counsel, and Adrian Zuercher, Head of Research Europe, took centre stage at the event. They emphasised our local roots and how our site in Bern has developed. The strategic progress and innovative developments were emphasised. These developments are not only proof of CSL Behring's strong position in the global market, but also emphasise the importance of the Canton of Bern as a leading location for biotechnological research and development.

Strong partnerships for progress
The CEO of sitem-insel AG, Simon Rothen, concluded the evening with a presentation on the close cooperation within the framework of the public-private partnership at the Insel Campus Bern. He emphasised the advantages of these collaborations, which not only strengthen innovation, but also promote economic and scientific development in the region.

Strengthening regional innovation
The June event organised by the VWG Bern once again showed how important the exchange between business, science and education is in order to strengthen innovation in the region and drive forward pioneering projects. We at CSL Behring are proud to be part of this Bernese community and to drive progress together with our partners.
Adrian Zuercher
Adrian Zuercher, Head of Research Europe, emphasised our local roots and the development of our Berne site.