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Adverse drug reactions (ADRs)

Healthcare Professionals


We provide routine surveillance of the safety of our medications. If you want to report an adverse reaction with any of our products, click here.


If you experience a side effect (adverse drug reaction) after the use of one of our products, you can report it to your doctor or pharmacist, or to the responsible healthcare authority, Swissmedic.

Healthcare professionals

If you observe an adverse drug reaction in your patient after the use of one of our products, you can report it to Swissmedic.

Alternatively, you can inform us directly via e-mail. The data you send us will be treated confidentially and protected from access by unauthorised persons in accordance with the legal regulations. By transmitting this data, you agree to its use for the intended purposes. The data will be used in an anonymised form for internal purposes (e.g. entered into the company’s international databases, which can be found in Switzerland and abroad) and forwarded to Swissmedic, also in an anonymised form, in accordance with the legal requirements.