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Elevating Biotech Horizons: CSL at Swiss Biotech Day 2024

Shaping the future of healthcare


Scheduled for April 22-23 at the Congress Center Basel, the Swiss Biotech Day draws professionals from across the life science sector, offering a unique platform for networking, insightful discussions, and the exploration of cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of healthcare.

CSL’s Research and Development organization in Switzerland stands at the forefront of this pivotal event, poised to make a significant impact with its participation focusing on three thematic pillars: Pioneering partnerships, the transformative potential of gene therapy, and biotechnological advancements.

Pioneering Partnerships

Join us on Tuesday from 15:00 to 15:45 in the Samarkand Room for a captivating panel discussion on Pioneering Partnerships. Featuring our distinguished expert panellists including CSL’s Global Head of Regulatory Affairs, Emmauelle Lecomte-Brisset, this session will delve into the intricate landscape of venture creation, innovation scouting, and the developmental pathways that translate early-stage research into market-ready solutions. 

Gene Therapy: A Future-Forward Focus

Embark on a journey into the future of healthcare at the Sydney Room on Tuesday from 9:00 to 09:45. Gene therapy takes center stage as its potential to offer curative treatments for a spectrum of genetic disorders is being explored. Through engaging pitching sessions, experts in the area – including Cédric Vonarburg, Director,  Gene Therapy Research Europe at CSL – aim to shed light on the latest research, development challenges, and regulatory pathways. 

Comprehensive Engagement at our booth in Halle 4.1

Meet CSL’s R&D professionals at Mentoring Booth #MB1 where we will showcase latest advancements and collaborative projects spanning from early pre-clinical research to regulatory affairs. Our diverse team of experts will be available to engage directly with attendees, offering insights into our role in pushing the boundaries of biotech research, fostering mentorship, and forging meaningful connections that drive progress within the industry.

For more information on admission and to explore the full program of Swiss Biotech Day, visit