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CSL Behring Lengnau

What will the new manufacturing plant produce? 

At the site in Lengnau, CSL Behring manufactures among other products, recombinant hemophilia therapies to treat people with bleeding disorders. 

Why is CSL Behring building a new production site? 

This investment in Lengnau is part of the continuous, global capacity expansion strategy of CSL Limited. It is of vital importance to the long-term growth plans of the company. With the additional production site in Lengnau we will ensure delivery of our life-saving products to patients who need them also in the future. In addition, we are committed to our promise to deliver improved treatment options to people living with severe and rare diseases.

Why has CSL Behring chosen Lengnau as its new site? 

The proximity to and the availability of professional expertise at the existing production site of CSL Behring in Switzerland were key factors for the strategic choice of Lengnau as location for the new recombinant production site. Relevant for this decision is also the political stability of Switzerland, the liberal labor legislations and, in addition, the functional and constructive industrial relations. An important factor is also the availability of a highly-qualified workforce in the region and in Switzerland. 

How long will it take to build the new production facilities? 

Construction work started in 2015 and is expected to be completed with the start of production at the site in 2021.

Will local companies be considered for the construction of the new production facility? 

It is important for us to collaborate with local and regional companies. Due to good relationships with suppliers in the region, we were able to establish a vast network in the past. In the last 18 years, we have invested more than 500 million Swiss francs in our site in Bern, whereof one third each in collaboration with partners in the region, in Switzerland and from abroad. We expect similar numbers for Lengnau. 

To what extent will the local people benefit from the construction of the production facility?

In the short-term, local businesses in Lengnau and the region will profit from orders in connection with the project realization. In the long-term, the industrial location of CSL Behring in Lengnau will create networks and strengthen the expertise and the performance of the region's economic area in the biotech and medtech fields, and promote the image with national influence. The creation of more than 300 new jobs will also add diversification to and, moreover, complement the existing industry. Infrastructure shall also profit, for example, by improving the public transportation network or the security regarding power supply. Furthermore, renaturation of the Moosbach creek will foster biodiversity and safeguard natural capital. 

What are the job profiles you are looking for? 

There is a wide range of jobs with a variety of occupational profiles. For example, we are looking for individuals with vocational training in the food sector (butcher, cheese maker, etc.) for manufacturing, and for people with laboratory work experience and a vocational career in laboratory jobs in the fields biology, chemistry and microbiology for quality management. But also the departments engineering and logistics will be looking for employees. Recruiting is done locally and we expect that the majority of the future employees will be coming from the Espace Mittelland. What is more, some of the current CSL Behring employees may also transition to Lengnau or support some project phases either for a specific time or temporarily. Advertisements of job vacancies will be posted on the internet. See our job portal for open positions.

Will you also offer apprenticeships? 

Yes, training apprentices is very important for us. As a major employer in the private industrial sector in the Bern region, we feel obliged to do so. There are currently more than 47 apprentices in 9 different trades of profession at the site in Bern. We intend to continue this commitment in Lengnau.