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Lab Assistant (Federal Certificate) in Chemistry

You check the chemical compositions of our products and use various methods of quality control in your work.

Laboranten Chemie Lernende

Duration of the training: 3 years


  • Diploma from a high school or college
  • Great interest and passion for mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics and English
  • abstract thinking
  • Certificate of aptitude test CSL Behring AG
  • Different observation courses
  • Motivation and enthusiasm for chemistry lab work and learning
  • Interest in manual work
  • Great perseverance and learning abilities
  • Good relationship and team spirit
  • Expression of irreproachable accuracy in writing in German (protocols)
  • A clear and precise working method

Do you want to know more about this apprenticeship?

Don't hesitate to contact Sandra Zbinden (phone 031 344 42 87).

Chemistry Laboratory Assistant Chemistry Laboratory Assistant
" As apprentices we feel in very good hands and are well connected amongst each other - not least because of the many learning opportunities and events for us within CSL. "
Janis, apprentice laboratory technician